Wednesday, September 5, 2012


"Learning To Live In A Technical World." That is the motto of the Technology Student Association.

The Technology Student Association is a national level organization consisting of over 2000 different schools in 48 states of the US. This organization focuses on the four parts of STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics and allows members to express themselves through various activities and competitions with fellow students of similar interests. These competitions include events like On Demand Video and a Technology Debate.

We at Diamond Bar High School had started the first chapter of TSA in California a year ago. We also held our very own TSA week of competition, where students competed and won prizes. This event will be held annually with many events available for everyone to participate in. Ever since then, we have been busy recruiting more schools into the TSA world so that they can start their own chapters of TSA in their schools. Thanks to the efforts of our members, we have recruited enough new schools for California to officially become a part of the national organization!

A big part of this club is to apply technology to various activities to promote growth and innovation. However, the most important parts of this club, like many other clubs, is to meet new people and have fun while participating. This is very important to us, so always remember this! :D     

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