Wednesday, January 23, 2013

First Ever CA TSA State Conference is Coming to DBHS!

We have lots & lots of updates - good & bad. Please read the entire post to get the full update. 

Before we explain the subject line, we have sad news to share with y'all. TSA Week is cancelled ... kind of (read on!). 

Now, moving onto the good news...
We are having the FIRST EVER CA TSA STATE CONFERENCE this year! To make things even better, this historic event will take place at DBHS on March 2nd! The conference will begin at 9:00 am, and the award ceremony will end at around 5:00 pm.


Almost all the competitions are offered at the state conference. Some will require before-hand digital turn in while others will be completed on-site. To participate in the conference, you MUST complete this form by Saturday, 1/26/2013 11:59 PM:
Competing at this conference is the only way for you to qualify to compete at nationals, which will take place in Orlando, Florida from June 28 - July 2. You must be a national member - meaning that you have paid the $10 national registration fee - to participate in this conference. If you still wish to become a national member, we will be collecting the money within the next few weeks. 

Events Rulebook (These are national rules. State competitions will follow these rules but with some adjustments):

Please read all the documents ENTIRELY & CAREFULLY. All members are encouraged to participate in 3 or more events. The maximum is 6 events. 

For the events that we have more sign-ups than allowed, we will hold preliminary rounds. This will be our shortened & simplified version of TSA Week. More info on this will be released on Sunday, 1/27/2013. Watch out for emails & confirmations for the next few weeks. 

Alrighty, enough about events...
TSA has had a long tradition of student leadership, and we are excited to say that California will be instituting this practice at this state conference. The state officer program allows student leaders from California to have a hand in leading the entire California membership. All candidates must have held at TSA office at chapter level already. Up to three students are allowed to run for office from each chapter. If anyone is interested in running, email also before Saturday, 1/26/2013 11:59 PM.

Finally, a message from our State Advisor:  
"Thank you for your dedication to TSA ... Because this will be the first conference for California, your patience and understanding as we navigate this new experience will be greatly appreciated. This is a very exciting time for California TSA, you are a part of history!"

More information about the state conference will be loaded on our state website, Check for updates and clarifications on events.

Thank you so much for your continued support & patience. Cross your fingers that everything goes smoothly! 

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